Eyeglass Frames

We offer a wide variety of frame selection from multiple brands widely regarded in the optical industry. The majority of our eyeglass frames are either from Japan or of European origin, all of superb quality and with full industry warranties.

Prescription Lenses

The main supplier of lenses we use is Essilor.  As the world's largest lens manufacturer and the inventor of progressive lenses, the French-based company has lens-manufacturing facilities all over the world, including Vancouver. With a full range of product, from single vision to progressive lenses, and a multitude of coating options, Essilor is our primary choice as a prescription lens supplier. Another supplier of lenses we use is Centennial Optical. This smaller, Canadian-based lens company provides pre-made lenses with a wide prescription range for single-vision needs.

Contact lenses

We carry a large selection of prescription soft contact lenses from numerous brands. While Alcon is our most frequently used brand, other brands such as Bausch & Lomb, CooperVision, and Johnson & Johnson are also available. For prescriptions that are not covered by the primary soft lens manufacturers, we also have access to other custom soft contact lens and rigid gas-permeable lens manufacturers.


We carry a fantastic selection of sun/sport glasses, including Zeal, Maui Jim, Adidas and more, made to your prescription. Our Zeal sunglass line is made from plant-based resins and features a patented MyFit technology, which allows you to adjust them up, down, left or right, letting you define your perfect fit.

Eye Health Exam

Whether you wear glasses, contact lenses, or feel your eyes are healthy, annual eye examinations are recommended. Early detection of conditions such as amblyopia, cataracts and macular degeneration are important, as treatment will help ensure the best outcome. Eye health examinations determine best vision, eye coordination, and treatment of eye health conditions.

  • Children (0-18): A child's first eye examination can be done as early as six months, and is recommended by age one. For ages 1-18 years, annual eye examinations are recommended. 
  • Adults (19-64): Eye examinations are recommended every one to two years, depending on the patient's history.
  • Seniors (65+): Annual eye examinations are recommended.

Contact Lens Health Exam

Ivan is trained in optics, eye health, and anatomy, and understands the importance of educating patients about their contact lenses – as well as fitting and dispensing contact lenses. We will recommend the contact lens best suited to your lifestyle, your visual needs, and your eye health requirements. Once the type and modality of contact lens is selected, we will provide complete training on insertion and removal of contact lenses, the best way to clean and store lenses, and a wearing and replacement schedule.

We offer the most popular brands, and provide a complimentary trial pair to take home at the time of your appointment.

Frame repairs and adjustments

We are equipped to tighten, adjust or repair your current glasses on site, and usually provide such minor adjustments and repairs free of charge, but will gladly accept donations to BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver for such services.

Ivan is great! I went to him for sunglasses, lost them and then went back a couple of months later and he gave me a discount on my second pair. He’s very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend him. A great, wholesome family business.
— A great review from one of our happy customers!