iN·Sight Optical is a small local business in the ownership of Ivan Ferenc.  We strive to reach the highest standard of service in the optical industry. We specialize in paediatric eyewear and specialty contact lens fittings.


iN·Sight Optical Staff

Ivan Ferenc: Owner and Licensed Optician / Contact Lens Fitter


Ivan is both a licensed optician and contact lens fitter. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, he has a vast knowledge of prescription eyewear and specialty contact lenses.


Nick Jong: Optician


Nick is a licensed optician and has been in the industry since 2012. With his meticulous attention to detail, gained from years of experience in the watch-making industry, he oversees the majority of lens edging and lab work.



Madison Pregal: Student [optician-in-training]

Madison is the newest member of our team, currently enrolled in the Dispensing Optician program at Douglas College. A bright and friendly individual, her initiative to apply knowledge from school to the work place provides the team with additional help in all areas of work.

Redmond-square 2.jpg

Redmond:  Head of Security


Redmond, the store mascot, attends work certain days and provides an ample amount of cuteness and attention for kids. He is all bark and no bite... but some licking may occur.