Many of our industry brands originate from Japan or Europe, and are fully warrantied by the corresponding manufacturers. A diverse range of unique and trend-sensitive designs are available, as well a broad selection of traditional aesthetics. This allows for our clients to often fulfill the look they want.

We carry a diverse selection of pediatric eyewear in the Lower Mainland, including brands such as NanoVista, Safilo Kids, Youpi!, Lacoste for Kids and more, featuring a wide variety of styles and colours.


In Sight Optical is dedicated to providing he best lens for optimal vision quality. Our finishing lab is in house, which allows us to make your glasses and get them to you faster.

Essilor is our primry lens supplier of choice. The French-based company is the world's largest lens manufacturer and the inventor of progressive lenses. They have lens-manufacturing facilities all over the world, including Vancouver. Essilor supplies a full range of products, from single vision to digital progressive lenses with complimentary coating options.

Additional Lens Options:

  • Transitions – this lens is clear indoors, darkening to your preferred grey or brown option when UV rays come into contact with the lens. As windshields have a built-in UV-filter, conventional Transitions will not reach their darkest in the car.

  • Transitions XtrActive holds a slight tint indoors and darkens in the car, as this lens will activate with less UV ray exposure than conventional Transitions.

  • Crizal Coating by Essilor – these lenses are hydrophobic, anti-reflective and scratch resistant, providing the best light transmission. The greater the amount of light transmitted into the eye, the better the vision achieved. Cosmetically, these lenses provide a clearer appearance to your eyes, and do not reflect light in photographs, compared to a conventional lens without a high-contrast coating

  • Xperio - Essilor’s brand of custom-made polarised lenses, these lenses offer reduction of glare in sunglasses. This option is especially recommended for those looking to get prescription glasses with heavy usage by bodies of water or reflective snow-related conditions

Lens Warranties

Majority of our lenses come with a industry standard 2-year warranty for any defects or minor wear-and-tear. This excludes any user-related negligence or loss of glasses.

Prescription changes may require a change of lenses. This is covered for a period of 3 months from the initial date of purchase.

The Junior Kids Package from Essilor has an extended warranty for prescription changes, up to 15 months from the date of original purchase. This warranty covers a 1-time replacement for the original lenses, for those that qualify and have purchased the package (from ages 0 to 15 years).

Sunglasses & Sports Glasses

We carry a fantastic selection of sun/sport glasses including Zeal, Maui Jim, Adidas and more, made to your prescription. Our Zeal sunglass line is made from plant-based resins and features a patented MyFit technology, which allows you to adjust them up, down, left or right, letting you define your perfect fit.


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